Training Courses

Here is a list of companies offering Modelica training.

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Training offered by organizational or individual members of the Modelica Association

Organization Training offer Training location Training language
Claytex Services Limited, Leamington Spa, UK Contact: Edmund House, Rugby Road, Leamington Spa, UK Claytex offers a range of training courses for Modelica and Dymola. We offer introduction courses for new users through to advanced courses focusing on the powerful concepts in the Modelica language. Our training courses can be tailored to meet your requirements including focusing on particular Dymola features and libraries. Anywhere English, Italian
Fraunhofer-Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS Division Engneering of Adaptive Systems EAS, Dresden, Germany Contact: The experts of Fraunhofer have supported the development of Modelica from the beginning. Now they bring this expertise into your company or organization. Fraunhofer offers:* Basic Modelica Training: Introduction and basic concepts, handling of common simulators, evaluation of results etc.* Advanced courses: in planning* Customized courses: contact us Dresden, Germany, or at client location German, English
ESI ITI GmbH Experienced lecturers show the scope of work and the versatile fields of applications in the work with Modelica in SimulationX. The participants get an overview of different mathematical models and fundamentals of modeling, simulation and types of analysis. The course introduces to Modelica libraries for physical domains.Our courses can be customized to your specific requirements and applications. For more information please visit ITI’s academy website. At ITI’s headquarters in Dresden, Germany, or at the client’s site English, German
LTX Simulation GmbH, Munich, Germany Contact: 2-day course: “Multidisziplinäre Modellierung und Simulation mit Modelica und Dymola(Lecturer: Prof. Martin Otter, chairman of the Modelica Association.) 2-day course: “Einführung zu Dymola und Modelica(Basic thorough introduction for beginners by Leo Gall) 2-day course: “DLR Visualization Library und Modelica MultiBody(Introduction to MultiBody simulation and advanced visualization by Dr. Tobias Bellmann) These training courses have been successfully delivered by BAUSCH-GALL GmbH for many years. The offering has been transferred to our new company LTX Simulation GmbH. Munich, Germany or at client’s site German, English on request
MathCore Engineering AB, Linköping, Sweden Contact: MathCore provides training in Modelica and MathModelica, as described below. All courses can be combined and adapted according to customer needs. Contact MathCore’s sales department for more information about courses, including adapting courses to your special needs. * MM1: Introduction to MathModelica* MM2: Library development using MathModelica* MM3: Pre and post processing of MathModelica models* M1: Introduction to the Modelica modeling language* M2: Modeling in the Modelica languageMore information is found at our trainings website. Linköping, Sweden, on on-site at the client’s site English, Spanish, Swedish
Modelon Modelon offers training for its flagship product Modelon Impact, Modelica in general, our road portfolio of Library products in several industries, Dymola, and domain-specific modeling. Training is organized in sessions with lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on exercises. Basic training in Modelica, FMI, Dymola, and our libraries is also available as video-based on-demand training. All courses are given by certified trainers with significant experience. In addition, Modelon offers basic Modelica training material free of charge for the Modelica community through the Modelon Impact<\a> . Please visit for further information and training schedule. Custom training events in Sweden, Germany, Japan, India and USA Anywhere on demand English, German, French, Japanese, and Swedish
Martin Otter, Gilching, Germany (Chairman of Modelica Association). 2-day introductory course in Modelica and Dymola (50 % lecture + 50 % guided exercises with Dymola). The course is given at (1) LTX Simulation GmbH in Munich (course description) (2) Clients site (course is adapted to the needs of the client). At client’s site in Europe, and at LTX Simulation GmbH in Munich, Germany. German, English
TLK-Thermo GmbH in cooperation with Technical University Braunschweig, Germany “Object-Oriented Modeling and Simulation of Thermal Systems” (2-day course) The Modelica course is an introduction to the most important features of Modelica, including numerical aspects. With many practical exercises, the participants will learn how to design and implement Modelica libraries (not only within thermal science). Modelica Advanced: If you already have basic knowledge, but would like to better understand the numerical solution process in Modelica simulators and systematically analyze emerging problems, then please contact us for an individual training session. “Introduction to the Modelica Library TIL” (1-day course) The TIL training course is directed towards simulation and modeling specialists with basic knowledge of the Modelica programming language. It can be seen as an advanced course to the basic Modelica training. TIL Advanced: If you already have experience with TIL, but would like to know about systematic procedures to make working with TIL even more efficient (e.g. by determining and eliminating simulation interruptions or reducing calculation times), please contact us and ask for an individual training session. Braunschweig or client’s site. English, German

Training offered by other companies

Organization Training offer Training location Training language
Creative Connections s.r.o. Prague, Czech Republic 2-day course: Modeling and Simulation in Modelica and Dymola (EN) (CZ) (Lecturer: Ing. Filip Jezek, PhD., individual member of the Modelica Association.) Individual consultations Prague, Czech Republic or at client’s site in CZ or SK Czech, česky English
Digital Product Simulation 2 Days course Modelica-Dymola Basics:* Introduction to Modelica language and Modelica libraries* How to develop libraries with Modelica* Building models and post-processing2 Days course Modelica-Dymola Advanced:* Advanced notions on Modelica language* discrete-time modeling, scripting and co-simulation Paris (France), Toulouse (France), Detroit (USA) French, English GmbH 2-day introductory training course in Modelica and OpenModelica Training course based on practical exercises. Our trainers are degreed engineers who implement Modelica in their work and teacher practice and who also know other simulation and modeling tools Munich and on demand at client’s location anywhere in Germany, Switzerland, Austria German, English
Institute of Vehicle Engineering, Seoul, Korea Institute of vehicle engineering (IVH) provides  Dymola and Modelica training courses. Training courses include the following:* Standard Course(2-Days): * Overview of Dymola * Graphical building models in Dymola * Simulation and post-processing with Dymola * Textual building models with Modelica* Vehicle dynamics library(VDL) in Dymola Training Course (3-Day)* Customized courses: Contact us ( Seoul, Korea or at client location Korean, English
TLK Energy GmbH, Aachen, Germany Basic Modelica training course for beginners. Hands-on training concept optimized by the experience of many years. Aachen (Germany), client side or remote (MS Teams) English, German