Modelica Users’ Groups

In an effort to promote the development of Modelica communities, the Modelica Association provides this page as a way to advertise local users’ groups.

Rules for Modelica Users’ Groups

The Modelica Association supports Modelica Users’ Groups if some minimum requirements are fulfilled (rules in pdf format, rules in PowerPoint format). These requirements have been decided on March 14, 2014. If you are forming a Modelica Users’ Group, please take these rules into account and contact the Modelica Association board (email: board [ AT ] modelica [ DOT ] org) in order to be listed at this web page, and to get other benefits.

Note, some of the Users’ Groups below might not yet fulfill all of the requirements from above, since these groups have been formed before the rules have been published. These groups have time until March 13, 2015, in order to follow the rules (such as web page name).


Modelica Users’ Group Baden-W├╝rttemberg

Modelica Users’ Group Berlin

Modelica Users’ Group Hamburg

Modelica Users’ Group Saxony


Modelica Users’ Group of Italy

North America

North American Modelica Users’ Group


Modelica Users’ Group Korea