Modelica Tools


In order that the Modelica modeling language can be used to solve actual problems, a modeling and simulation environment is needed

The following commercial and free modeling and simulation environments for Modelica are currently available (note, that demo versions for the commercial environments are available and that some demo versions can be downloaded free of charge):

Commercial Modelica Simulation Environments

(in alphabetical order)

Free Modelica Simulation Environments

Teaching material

Free Modelica Editor(extension)s

Modelica models are usually graphically constructed with one of the schematic editors. However, since Modelica is basically a textual description it is also possible to utilize a text editor to edit or to browse Modelica models. A free Modelica text editor and adaptations of popular text editors are available here:

Other free tools

Here comes a list of free tools that are useful in combination with some of the Modelica Simulation Environments mentioned above:

Modelica tools for developers

Modelica Compliance Suite

A semantics compliance suite for the Modelica language

CSV Result Compare tool

The CSV Result Compare can be used to compare curves from one csv files with curves from other csv files using a special algorithm.

MapleSim Standalone Modelica Parser

May be freely used for library syntax validation, and for non-commercial educational purposes.

Modelica Testsuite

Modelica models to test various aspects of the Modelica language can be found in the development repository:

For historical reasons we also provide the older version 1.4 from December 2000 here:

Trimming of trailing white spaces (and other code clean up)

This script will recursively remove all trailing white spaces in all text files in a given directory. Binary files and files residing in version control specific directories are skipped. As an addition one can also let it clean out obsolete or empty/superfluous Modelica annotations from Modelica files.


An extensible multilanguage static code analyzer with support for Modelica language.

Other commercial tools

Here comes a list of commercial tools that are useful in combination with some of the Modelica Simulation Environments mentioned above:

Obsolete Tools (no longer maintained)