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Modelica® gives increased benefits for model based product development


New versions of the open standard Modelica modeling language and of its accompanying open source Modelica multi-domain model library

Linköping, Sweden, August 27, 2009 /PRNewswire/ — The open-standard Modelica has already made dramatic improvements to the way complex interacting systems are engineered within the automotive, aerospace, robotics and power plant industries. For most automotive OEMs Modelica tools are fundamental in the model based product development of energy efficient vehicles. Using Modelica enables them to speed up development by evaluating and improving variants earlier in the design process. This improvement is achieved by simulation of the entire product behavior in the whole operating range using Modelica dynamic system models.

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The non-profit Modelica Association has announced version 3.1 of the Modelica language with new capabilities for improved modeling of the dynamics of fluid systems and for development and code generation of embedded control systems. For details, see the latest Modelica Newsletter ( Additionally, version 3.1 of the open source Modelica Standard Library has been released. It contains sub-libraries for mechanical, electrical, electronic, thermal, and control systems. New models for thermo-fluid and electro-magnetic systems, as well as heat loss models for electrical circuits have been added. The library has now about 1000 model components and 600 functions.

About Modelica

Modelica is a non-proprietary, object-oriented and acausal, equation based modeling language to conveniently model complex physical systems. Unlike legacy block diagram approaches and other modeling languages, Modelica provides high-level model abstractions and configuration management allowing analysis of changing designs and usage scenarios.

Both commercial and free Modelica simulation environments are available, such as CATIA Systems, Dymola, JModelica, LMS Imagine.Lab AMEsim, MapleSim, MathModelica, OpenModelica, SCICOS, SimulationX. Modelica models can be imported conveniently into SIMULINK using export features of Dymola and of SimulationX.

About Modelica Association

The Modelica Association is a non-profit organization with members from Europe, U.S.A. and Canada. Since 1996, its simulation experts have been working to develop and promote Modelica and the Modelica Standard Library.

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