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Submission Guidelines

Guidelines for submitting contributions to the Modelica Newsletter.


If you have an item of interest that you would like to share with the Modelica community, for example:

  • A brief note on a Modelica related project.
  • Information about Modelica libraries, tools or services (technical details only, no marketing or advertising content).
  • Upcoming Modelica related events.

...please consider submitting a brief write-up about it to the Modelica Newsletter.

Submission guidelines are as follows:

  • Length: approximately 3-4 paragraphs.
  • Tone: Articles are expected to be of a mostly factual nature and avoid hyperbole.
  • Novelty: This is a newsletter.  As such, what is contained in it must be new.  It is unacceptable for an article to repeat content from previous articles.  If you feel that background information is required, provide it via a hyperlink to information stored elsewhere.  For example, don't list the features of your tool and/or library with every article about it.  Instead, include a hyperlink, e.g. "In addition to existing features, version X.Y.Z includes the following new features..."
  • Relevance: Of course, the material must be of interest to the general Modelica community.  But in addition, part of being relevant is being timely.  So articles should contain information that can impact the present and future options for readers and not simply contain historical information.
  • Images: One image no larger than 400x400. It is the submitters responsibility to resize the image to meet these guidelines. Currently we are experiencing an issue where JPG images are rejected. A simple solution is to simply convert the image to PNG format which works fine (e.g. via MS Paint).
  • Format: clean HTML with the following restrictions:
    • No style attributes
    • No font tags
    • No spacing or layout directives (apart from the line break elements after the title, see below)
    • No Microsoft Office tags
    • Do not user <h1>, <h2> or <h3> tags in the article, only <h4> and <h5>
    • Only ASCII characters are allowed. Make use of HTML entities instead. For example instead of writing ® use the HTML entity &reg;. The same goes especially for Umlauts.


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