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MA Projects

Modelica Association Projects

According to § 21 of the Modelica Association Bylaws from Feb. 29, 2012, long term development activities in the scope of the Modelica Association are organized in Modelica Association Projects (MAP). The organizational structure and the rules of each MAP can be determined independently by every project, as long as they are compliant with the MA Bylaws. Short term developments are still organized in less formal Modelica Association "Task Forces". Find below the currently accepted MAPs.

If you are interested to work on a new standard in the fields of cyber-physical systems and systems engineering under the banner of the Modelica Association and utilizing its know-how and its web/svn/trac infrastructure, please contact the MA board.


Modelica Language

Abbreviation Lang
Purpose Development, standardization and promoting of the object-oriented modeling language Modelica to model and simulate multi-domain cyber physical systems in a convenient way.
Leader Hans Olsson (Dassault Systèmes)
Web #
Application MA-Project-Application_Modelica-Language-2012-05-08.pdf
(Approved by the Modelica Association on May 8, 2012)
Project Rules
(Approved by the Modelica Association on December 1st, 2021)


Modelica Libraries

Abbreviation LIB
Purpose Development and promotion of open source Modelica libraries to provide Modelica model components in many domains based on standardized interface definitions. The libraries developed in this project include package "Modelica" (also called "Modelica Standard Library") and package "ModelicaReference".
Leader Martin Otter
Application MA-Project-Application_Modelica-Libraries-2012-05-08.pdf
(Approved by the Modelica Association on May 8, 2012)
Project Rules MAP-LIB_ProjectRules.pdf
(Approved by the Modelica Association on March 21, 2018)


Functional Mock-Up Interface

Abbreviation FMI
Purpose Development, standardization and promoting the Functional Mock-Up Interface (FMI) definition, one result of the ITEA2 project MODELISAR. The intention is that dynamic system models of different software systems can be used together for software/model/hardware-in-the-loop simulation, for cyber physical systems, and other applications.
Leader Christian Bertsch (Bosch)
Internal git
Application MA-Project-Application-FMI-2012-12-05.pdf
(Approved by the Modelica Association on Feb. 29, 2012; updated/corrected on Dec. 5, 2012)



System Structure and Parameterization of Components for Virtual System Design

Abbreviation SSP
Purpose In many applications there is the need to design, simulate and execute a network of components (simulation models, software, hardware etc.). In order to be able to do this tool independently and seamlessly, the purposes of this project are:
  • Define a standardized way to store and apply parameters to these components.
  • Define a standardized format for the connection structure for a network of components.
  • The developed standard / APIs should be usable in all stages of development process (architecture definition, integration, simulation, test in MiL, SiL, HiL).
The work in this project shall be coordinated with other standards and organizations (FMI, ASAM, OMG).
Leader Jochen Köhler (ZF)
Internal git
Application MA-Project-Application-SSP-2014-06-13.pdf
(Approved by the Modelica Association on June 17, 2014)


Distributed Co-Simulation Protocol


Abbreviation DCP
Purpose Development, standardization and promoting the Distributed Co-Simulation Protocol (DCP) definition, a sustainable result of the ITEA3 Project ACOSAR. The intention is to specify a semantics- and a message-based interface protocol for high performant co-simulations via networks. Co-simulation slaves can be represented by non-/soft-/hard-real-time software and/or hardware components. DCP can be used for software/model/hardware-in-the-loop simulations and control applications.
Leader Martin Krammer (v2c2)
Application DCP-MAP-Application.pdf
(Approved by the Modelica Association on July 31, 2018)


Functional Mock-up Interface for embedded systems

Abbreviation eFMI
Purpose Development, standardization and promoting the Functional Mock-up Interface for embedded systems (eFMI). The intention of eFMI is to extend the scope of FMI from simulation towards software development and validation.
Leader Christoff Bürger (Dassault Systèmes)
Internal git
Application (Approved by the Modelica Association on March 22, 2021)



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