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This folder contains the licenses that the Modelica Association is using for the material provided to the public

3-clause BSD License for the Modelica Association
Modelica License Version 2
Version 2 of Nov 19, 2008
Modelica License Version 2 (standalone HTML format)
Modelica License 2 in html (as standalone version)
Modelica License Version 2 (Modelica format)
Modelica License 2 in mo format (Modelica class with info annotation)
Modelica Licenses Version 2 (PDF format)
Modelica License 2 in pdf format
Modelica Licenses Version 2 (Open Document format)
Modelica License 2 in odt format (Open/Libre Office)
Modelica Licenses Version 2 (Microsoft Word format)
Modelica License 2 in doc format (Microsoft Word 2003)
The Modelica License 1.1
Version 1.1 of June 30, 2000
The Modelica Association Contributor License Agreement 1.1.1
Second public version from Jan 12., 2020. This version of the CLA is semantically equivalent to version 1.1 of the CLA. Its main purpose is the availability of a Markdown format that can be used with cloud services as CLA Assistant (and correct some formatting issue and a missing repository link of MAP-SSP).
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