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Modelica Libraries

A collection of free and commercial libraries.

This page contains a list of Modelica libraries (both free and commercial) - see the short overview of libraries for details.

The listed libraries are sorted by:

  • Free standard conform libraries developed by the Modelica Association
  • Free other libraries developed by the Modelica Association
  • Free libraries provided by users of Modelica
  • Free older libraries developed by the Modelica Association (deprecated)
  • Commercial libraries

Note that the usage of a Modelica library requires a Modelica simulation environment, see the tools page.

The libraries from the Modelica Association and most free libraries can be used in commercial products according to The Modelica License.


Searchable library index


The impact project provides a searchable index of all known freely available libraries.

Visit  in order to search for a specific library.

(If you are a library developer and like to get your library listed, contact the impact team.)


Library documentation

 Below you find some links to the library documentation provided by different tools

Modelica-Collage-250px.png The HTML documentation of the latest release of the Modelica Standard Library can be found under:
OpenModelicaLogoSmall.svg The HTML documentation of most of the user libraries as listed below is generated by the OpenModelica team and is accessible under:


Open-Source Libraries


To list your library here, please use the issue tracker.

Commercial Libraries


To propose changes to this list, use a GitHub pull request.

Name Description Developer Distributor(s)
Air Conditioning Library Commercial library for air conditioning systems. Modelon
Aircraft Dynamics Library Commercial library for modeling and simulating full aircraft and aircraft subsystems. Modelon
Alternative Vehicles Library Commercial library for hybrid vehicle power trains, battery-electric and fuel-cell vehicles DLR-FK
Battery Library Commercial library for the design and analysis of electrical energy storage systems. Dassault Systèmes
Belts Library Commercial library for static and dynamic analysis of belt drive systems Frank Rettig
BG_RT Library Commercial library for real-time simulation with standard DAQ cards BAUSCH-GALL GmbH
BLDCD – Brushless DC Drives Commercial library for Brushless DC motors and controls Dassault Systèmes
Cooling Library Commercial library for liquid and air cooling systems dedicated to batteries, electric drives and electronic thermal management Dassault Systèmes
EDrives Library Commercial library for the simulation of transient and quasi static multi phase electric drives; the library includes modular speed, torque and flux control strategies for induction machines, permanent magnet synchronous machines and synchronous reluctances machines
Electric Power Library Commercial library of electric power system components Modelon
Electrification Library Commercial library for the design, analysis, and control of electrified systems Modelon
Engine Dynamics Library Commercial library for combustion engine systems Modelon
Engines Library The Engines library is capable of modelling both Spark Ignition and Compression Ignition engines and is split into two variants with different levels of fidelity. Claytex
Environmental Control Library Commercial library used to study aircraft energy consumption and thermal conditions as they affect comfort for passengers and crew. Modelon
EPTL - Electrified Powertrains Library Commercial library for design and application of electric drive systems. Dassault Systèmes
Flexible Bodies Library Commercial library for flexible beams, annular plates and general FE-based bodies DLR-SR
Fuel Cell Library Commercial library for modeling simulation, analysis, and control design of fuel cells. Modelon
Fuel Systems Library Commercial library for modeling design and verification of fuel systems on civil and military aircraft. Modelon
Heat Exchanger Library Commercial library for heat exchanger design, dimensioning, and stacking. The library contains flat tube heat exchanger models supporting several flat tube and louvered fin designs. Modelon
Human Comfort Library Commercial library for Simulation of Air-Conditioned Zones XRG Simulation GmbH
Hydraulics Library Commercial library of hydraulic components Modelon
Hydro Power Library Commercial library of hydro power system components Modelon
Hydrogen Library Commercial library for design and application of fuel cell systems Dassault Systèmes
Jet Propulsion Library Commercial library for the modeling and simulation of jet engines, including the model-based design of integrated aircraft systems. Modelon
Liquid Cooling Library Commercial library for liquid cooling systems Modelon
OPCClassic OPCClassic is a Modelica library that allows you to link your simulation models to the real world by connecting to OPC servers. The library acts as an OPC client, enabling you to incorporate real, live data into your simulations. Wolfram
Optimization library Commercial library for solving different optimization tasks (for Dymola) DLR-SR
Pneumatics Library Commercial library of pneumatic components Modelon
Power Train Library Commercial library to model vehicle power trains as well as various planetary gearboxes with speed and torque dependent losses DLR-SR
Process Systems Library Dynamic system models for process engineering. Includes an interface to KBC’s fluid property engine Multiflash. TLK Energy GmbH
ProcessingLine Library Complete set of mechanics and machinery components for the modelization of processing and handling of materials with the aim of determining their electrical consumption. Dofware srl
SmartCooling Commercial library developed for modeling and simulating cooling circuits especially suited for the automotive domain. AIT
Smart Electric Drives Library Commercial library to model hybrid electric vehicles and new alternative concepts with electrical auxiliaries AIT
Statistics Library Definition of Statistical Variations of Parameters and Variables Fraunhofer IIS EAS
Thermal Power Library Commercial library for the simulation of combined cycle power plants and heat recovery steam generators Modelon
TIL Commercial library for steady-state and transient simulation of thermodynamic systems such as heat pump,refrigeration, a/c, cooling and Rankine systems. TLK-Thermo GmbH
TILMedia The TILMedia library provides thermo-physical properties of incompressible liquids, vapor-gas mixtures, and real fluids very fast and accurate to various environments like Modelica, Excel, MATLAB/Simulink, LabVIEW, etc. TILMedia can be used through Modelica.Media and includes REFPROP. TLK-Thermo GmbH
Vapor Cycle Library Vapor Cycle Library is a Modelica model library for the design of vapor cycle systems, including vapor compression cycles for heating or cooling purposes as well as Rankine cycles for power generation and waste-heat recovery. Modelon
Vehicle Dynamics Library Commercial library for vehicle dynamics modeling Modelon
Visualization Library Commercial library for advanced, model integrated, offline and real-time visualization DLR-SR
Wind Power Library (WPL) Commercial library to study the dynamic behavior and control of modern wind power plants Dassault Systèmes
Wolfram Hydraulic Commercial library that adds complete hydraulic functionality to Wolfram SystemModeler's already powerful modeling capabilities. Wolfram
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