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Standard conforming libraries developed by the MA
Name Description Last Release Last Active
ModelicaStandardLibrary Free (standard conforming) library to model mechanical (1D/3D), electrical (analog, digital, machines), magnetic, thermal, fluid, control systems and hierarchical state machines. Also numerical functions and functions for strings, files and streams are included.   v4.1.0-beta.1
Modelica_Synchronous Free (standard conforming) library to precisely define and synchronize sampled data systems with different sampling rates. It provides convenient to use blocks to utilize the new synchronous language elements introduced in Modelica 3.3.   v0.93.0
VehicleInterfaces Free (standard conforming) library for interface definitions and architectures for vehicle system modeling   v2.0.1
Other libraries developed by the MA
Name Description Last Release Last Active
Modelica-Compliance A semantics compliance suite for the Modelica language N/A 2024-05-18
Modelica_LinearSystems2 Free library providing different representations of linear, time invariant differential and difference equation systems, as well as typical operations on these system descriptions.   v3.0.0
Free libraries (provided by users)
Name Description Last Release Last Active
ADGenKinetics Modeling biochemical reaction networks with generalized kinetic formats with capabilities for computing parameter sensitivities using algorithmic differentiation techniques.   v1.0+r23
ADMSL An example for algorithmic differentiation of a part of the Electrical sublibrary of the Modelica Standard Library   v1.1.0-alpha-Hamburg
AdvancedNoise Modelica library with advanced noise features building on Modelica_Noise   v1.1.0
AixLib A Modelica model library for building performance simulations   v1.3.2
AlgebraTestSuite Test problems of algebraic equation systems in Modelica N/A 2021-03-18
ApproxSpline Modelica Library for Smooth Spline Approximation N/A 2023-11-19
ATplus Free library for Building Simulation and Building Control, fuzzy control library included. (unlicensed)   v2.1
BioChem Free library for biochemical modeling and simulation with Modelica.   v1.1.2
BondGraph Free library for graphical Bond Graph modelling that contains common standard linear elements, sensors, and specific non-linear elements, especially for hydraulic networks.   v1.1.0
BondLib Free library to model physical systems with bond graphs.   v2.3
BrineProp Modelica Media models for p-h-T-rho-eta properties of aqueous solutions of multiple salts and gases   v0.7.0
BuildingControlLib Welcome to BuildingControlLib, a Modelica library for modelling an simulation of standardized and non-standardized control functions from Building Automation Systems. The library is developed at the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics IBP.   v1.0.0
Buildings Modelica Buildings library   v11.0.0
BuildingSystems Modelica BuildingSystems library   v2.0.0-beta2
BuildSysPro BuildSysPro open source: EDF's Modelica library for buildings, districts and energy systems modelling   v2015.12b
BusinessSimulation Business Simulation Library (BSL) - A library for modeling & simulation of dynamical systems in the social sciences, e.g., business/economics, and ecology using the System Dynamics metaphor   v2.2.0
Chemical Modelica Library of Chemical processes   v1.4.1
ComplexLib Free library for steady-state analysis of AC circuits within phasor domain.   v1.0
DeployStructLib A Modelica library providing specialized structural and mechanism components for modeling deployable structures   v1.0
DESLib Free library for Parallel DEVS and Process-Oriented Modeling in Modelica   v1.6.1
dhcSim This is a repository of the dhcSim Modelica library N/A 2021-11-03
DisHeatLib Modelica library for district heating network modelling using IBPSA library as core   v1.0.0
DriveControl Modelica library to demonstrate the control of electric drives. N/A 2024-05-17
EHPTlib Free library to simulate power trains of electric and hybrid vehicles N/A 2023-09-13
ElectricalEnergyStorage Free library that contains models with different complexity for simulating of electric energy storages like batteries (single cells as well as stacks) interacting with loads, battery management systems, loads and charging devices. N/A 2024-06-10
electrolytemedia Mirror of Modelica framework for the dynamic simulation of aqueous electrolyte systems under consideration of dissociation and phase equilibria   v0.2
ElectroMechanicalDrives Electromechancial drives   v3.0.0
EMOTH E-Mobility Library of OTH Regensburg (developed by master student Alexander Grimm)   v.1.9.1
ESL N/A 2021-12-30
ExtendedPetriNets Free library to model Petri nets and state transition diagrams (extended version).   v1.0
ExternalMedia The ExternalMedia library provides a framework for interfacing external codes computing fluid properties to Modelica.Media-compatible component models.   v4.0.0
ExternalMemoryLib A Modelica Library to get permanent access to some memory in case you want to conserve some data during simulation. N/A 2016-08-09
ExternData :page_facing_up: Modelica library for data I/O of CSV, INI, JSON, MATLAB MAT, SSV, TIR, Excel XLS/XLSX and XML files   v3.0.5
FailureModes A collection of examples of failure modes for Modelica models   v2.0.0
FastBuildings Modelica library for low-order building modelling   master
FaultTriggering Library for fault modelling in Modelica   v0.6.6
FCSys Modelica library of fuel cell models   v0.2.6
FeedDriveLibrary Modelica Feed Drive Library   1.0.1
FluidSystemComponents Modelica lib. of basic components of fluid system, ex. pump, check-valve, piston-cylinder...   ver.2022.12.30
FMITest Library of Modelica models to test connected FMUs in a Modelica tool N/A 2021-03-18
FreeFluidsModelica Modelica package for chemical engineering. Includes media definitions compatible with Modelica.Media N/A 2024-04-09
FuelCellLib Free library to model fuel cells (unlicensed)   v1.0
FuzzyControl Free library for fuzzy control (unlicensed)   v1.0
Greenhouses-Library The Greenhouse Modelica Library aims at providing a fully open-source modeling framework for the simulation of greenhouse climate, crop yield and the energy integration of greenhouses with thermal systems (e.g. generation units, thermal storage units, district heating networks, etc.). N/A 2024-05-17
HanserModelica HanserModelica   v2.0.0
HelmholtzMedia Fluid properties for Modelica, for pure fluids that can be described by a Helmholtz energy equation of state   v0.9.8
Icons Modelica Icons N/A 2019-11-08
IdealizedContact A Modelica library for idealized simulation of contact phenomena   v0.2.0
IDEAS Modelica library allowing simultaneous transient simulation of thermal and electrical systems at both building and feeder level.   v3.0
IndustrialControlSystems A Modelica library for the realistic modelling of industrial control system   v1.1.0
ipsl iTesla Power System Library   v1.1.1
KeyWordIO Modelica library for reading and writing variables and parameters to files. The main objective of the library is to read and write variables and parameters in INI file format.   v0.11.0
LCC_HVDC A library for simulating line commutated converter high voltage direct current (LCC HVDC) systems. N/A 2023-11-10
LibRAS A Modelica library for simulation of recirculating aquaculture systems N/A 2021-10-06
LinearMPC Library for model-based predictive controllers with linear process models.   v1.0
Modelica-Arduino Simulate circuits and sketches on a virtual Arduino Uno in Modelica   v0.3.0
Modelica-Drone-3D-FMI DroneLibrary: Multi-Domain Drone Modeling in Modelica with 3D visualization and FMU export configuration   v1.0.0
Modelica-ExternalLibrary Use C++ and Python objects in Modelica N/A 2024-06-04
modelica-flight Flight dynamics library for Modelica. N/A 2021-03-18
Modelica-GNU_ScientificLibrary Free library for accessing the GNU Scientific Library functions via Modelica N/A 2023-10-01
modelica-ibpsa Modelica library for building and district energy systems developed within IBPSA Project 1   v3.0.0
Modelica-MVEM Free Modelica Libraries resulting from the openProd combustion engine use case   v1.0.1
ModelicaADS This is a Modelica wrapper for TwinCATs ADS library. It provides functions for communicating with TwinCAT devices. ModelicaADS uses the C API AdsDLL.dll. The documentation for the ADS API is available on   v1.0.1
ModelicaDEVS A free library for discrete-event modeling using the DEVS formalism. (unlicensed)   v1.0
ModelicaDFR A package for Modelica simulating Molten Salt Reactors N/A 2023-08-07
ModelicaTableAdditions 📊 Extension of the CombiTable blocks of the Modelica Standard Library to additionally support cubic interpolation and reading of CSV, EPW (EnergyPlus Weather) and JSON files   v3.1.0
ModelicaTutorials A collection of Modelica tutorials on the topics that have not already been covered by others. N/A 2022-10-13
Modelica_DeviceDrivers Free library for interfacing hardware drivers to Modelica models. There is support for joysticks, keyboards, UDP, TCP/IP, LCM, MQTT, shared memory, AD/DA converters, serial port and other devices.   v2.1.1
Modelica_Requirements Defining requirements formally and checking them when simulating N/A 2024-05-17
Modelica_StateGraph2 Free Dymola library providing components to model discrete event, reactive and hybrid systems in a convenient way with deterministic hierarchical state diagrams. Modelica_StateGraph2 is not fully Modelica compliant and will never be, since a better solution is available with Modelica 3.3   v2.1.0
ModPowerSystems N/A 2021-03-18
MoMoUrEnSySi MOdelica MOdels for URban ENergy SYstem SImulation N/A 2021-03-18
MoSDH Library for solar and geothermal district heating systems with seasonal storage   v1.1
MotorcycleDynamics Free library for the dynamic simulation of a motorcycle, and tailored to test and validation of active control systems for motorcycle dynamics.   v0.7.0
MotorcycleLib Free Modelica library for the purpose of simulation, analysis and control of bicycles and motorcycles (single-track vehicles, uses BondLib)   v1.0
msgpack-modelica A MessagePack implementation as a Modelica package   v0.1
MultiBondLib Free library to model physical systems with multi-bond graphs.   v1.3
MultiPhaseMixtureMedia MultiPhaseMixtureMedia is a framework for thermodynamic properties in Modelica including an external C/C++ Modelica property interface with back ends to CAPE-OPEN, RefProp and FluidProp.   v1.0.0
NCLib Free library for combined simulation of networks and controllers in the domain of automation systems.   v0.82
netCDF-DataReader Modelica library for interfacing netCDF files using different interpolation and extrapolation methods   v2.5.0
NeuralNetwork Free library that provides a neural network mathematical model. (unlicensed)   v1.0
Noise An open Library for the Generation of Stochastic Signals in Modelica   v1.0-beta.1
ObjectStab A Modelica Library for Power System Stability Studies   v2.0.0
open-bldc-modelica Multi physics simulation models for open-bldc N/A 2023-12-31
openfdm An open source flight dynamics library for Modelica N/A 2024-06-10
OpenHydraulics A free Modelica package providing components describing 1-dimensional fluid flow in hydraulic circuits.   v2.0.0
OpenIMDML Open Instance Multi-Domain Motor Library using Modelica   v1.0.0
OpenIPSL The OpenIPSL is a fork of the iTesla Power System Library developed and maintained by the SmarTS Lab Research Group and its collaborators, and a Modelica library containing a set of power system component models for phasor time domain simulations.   v3.0.1
OpenModelica_Microgrids OpenModelica_Microgrids is a library to simulate three phase AC Microgrids. Usable as stand-alone version or part of the toolbox OpenModelica Microgrid Gym (   v1.0
Optimisers Modelica model-based optimisation library N/A 2021-03-18
PDELib A free library for modeling systems described by 1D partial differential equations.   v1.0
PhotoVoltaics Modelica library for the simulation of photo voltaic cells and modules   v2.0.0
Physiolibrary Modelica library for Human Physiology   v3.0.0
Physiomodel Mammalian physiology model in Modelica   v1.0.0
PlanarMechanics A free Modelica library for planar mechanical multi-body systems   v1.6.0
PNlib Free library for modeling xHPN   v3.0.0
PowerGrids This repository contains the code for PowerGrids, a Modelica library for electro-mechanical modelling of power systems.   wrong_multiple_inheritance
PowerSystems Free (standard conform) library that is intended to model electrical power systems at different levels of detail both in transient and steady-state mode.   v2.0.0
pow_el A Modelica library with building blocks for modeling of SMPS (switched - mode power supply) based power electronics applications. N/A 2024-06-07
PraxisSimulationstechnik Modelica library from Peter Junglas' book "Praxis der Simulationstechnik" N/A 2024-06-10
Older libraries developed by the MA (deprecated)
Name Description Last Release Last Active
InstantaneousSymmetricalComponents Archived from N/A 2023-01-28
ModelicaAdditions All components of this library have been incorporated in an improved form into the Modelica Standard Library in version 2.1   v1.5
Modelica_ElectricalEnergyStorages Archived from N/A 2023-01-28
Modelica_Electrical_PowerConverters Archived from   Modelica_Electrical_PowerConverters%201.4.0@7785
Modelica_Fluid Free library from the Modelica Association providing components to model 1-dimensional thermo-fluid flow in networks of vessels, pipes, fluid machines, valves and fittings. This library is included in the Modelica Standard Library since version 3.1.   v1.0
Modelica_FundamentalWave Free library for the modeling of spatial fundamental wave effects of electro magnetic quantities in electric machines. (Still using Modelica Standard Library 2.2.2!) This library is included in the Modelica Standard Library since version 3.1.   v0.6
Modelica_Magnetic Free library for modelling of electromagnetic devices with lumped magnetic networks. This library is included in the Modelica Standard Library since version 3.1.   v1.0
Modelica_PowerFlow Archived from N/A 2023-01-28
Modelica_QuasiStatic_FluxTubes Archived from N/A 2023-01-28
Modelica_Quasistationary Free library for the analysis of electrical circuits with purely sinusoidal voltages and currents. With this library single and multi phase circuits can be modelled. (Still uses Modelica Standard Library 2.2.2!) This library is included in the MSL starting from version 3.2.   v0.9.3
MultiBody Deprecated library which is part of the Modelica Standard Library since version 2.1.   v1.0.1
ObsoleteModelica3 Library that contains components from Modelica Standard Library 2.2.2 that have been removed from version 3.0 N/A 2023-01-28
QuasiStaticFundamentalWave Archived from N/A 2023-01-28