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Papers of the Modelica Workshop 2000

All papers of the workshop can be downloaded in pdf-format. The order of the papers is according to the sessions of the workshop. The paper versions of the presented posters are also available, but not the posters.

  1. Modelica Libraries
  2. Dymola Users' Group Meeting
  3. Industrial Applications: Thermodynamic and Power Systems
  4. Industrial Applications: Automotive Applications
  5. Modelica Tools
  6. Posters (Mixed Applications)

Modelica Libraries

Title File (size in kb/Mb)
Clauß, Schneider, Leitner Schwarz,
Fraunhofer Institut for Integrated Circuits, Dresden, Germany
Modelling of Electrical Circuits with Modelica
paper in PDF-format  ( 285k)
Lund University, Sweden:
ObjectStab - A Modelica Library for Power System Stability Studies
paper in PDF-format  ( 946k)
Otter, Dempsey, Schlegel,
DLR Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany
Package PowerTrain. A Modelica Library for modeling and simulation of vehicle power trains
paper in PDF-format  ( 573k)
Paderborn University, Germany:
Modeling and Digital Simulation of Hydraulic Systems in Design and Engineering Education using Modelica and HyLib
paper in PDF-format  ( 611k)
Tummescheit, Eborn, Wagner,
Lund University, Sweden:
Development of a Modelica Base Library for Modeling of Thermo-hydraulic Systems
paper in PDF-format  ( 858k)

Dymola Users' Group Meeting

Toyota, Japan:
Examples of Usage and spread of Dymola within Toyota
paper in PDF-format  ( 90k)
Mattsson, Olsson, Elmqvist,
Dynasim AB, Sweden:
Dynamic Selection of States in Dymola
paper in PDF-format  ( 132k)
Schiela, Olsson,
Dynasim, Sweden:
Mixed-mode Integration for Real-Time Simulation
paper in PDF-format  ( 143k)

Industrial Applications (Thermodynamic and Power Systems)

Eborn, Åström,
Lund University, Sweden:
Modeling of a Boiler Pipe with Two-Phase Flow Instabilities
paper in PDF-format  ( 344k)
Pfafferott, Schmitz,
Technical University Hamburg Harburg, Germany:
Numeric Simulation of an Integrated CO2 Cooling System
paper in PDF-format  ( 403k)
Bachmann, Wiesmann,
ABB Corporate Research, Switzerland:
Advanced Modeling of Electromagnetic Transients in Power Systems
paper in PDF-format  ( 133k)

Industrial Applications (Automotive Applications)


Jacobson, Fredriksson, Hellgren, Karlsson, Scarpati, Templin, Vallejo,
Chalmers University, Sweden:
Modelica Usage in Automotive Problems at Chalmers
paper in PDF-format  ( 894k)
Steinmann, Treffinger,
DLR Stuttgart, Germany:
Simulation of Fuel Cell Powered Drive Trains
paper in PDF-format  ( 212k)
Andreasson, Möller, Otter,
DLR Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany
Modeling of a Racing Car with Modelicas Multibody Library
paper in PDF-format  ( 508k)
Drogies, Bauer,
Darmstadt University, Germany:
Modeling Road Vehicle Dynamics with Modelica
paper in PDF-format  ( 437k)
Tiller, Bowles et al.,
Ford Motor Company, USA:
Detailed Vehicle Powertrain Modeling in Modelica
paper in PDF-format  ( 398k)

Modelica Tools


MathCore, Sweden:
MathModelica, A Full System Simulation Tool
paper in PDF-format  ( 47k)
Johansson, Krus,
Linköping University, Sweden:
Modelica in a Distributed Environment Using Transmission Line Modelling
paper in PDF-format  ( 249k)
Bunus, Engelson, Fritzson,
Linköping University, Sweden:
Mechanical Models Translation, Simulation and Visualization in Modelica
paper in PDF-format  ( 153k)



Technical University Munich:
A Uniform Approach for Modeling Electrical Machines
paper in PDF-format  ( 180k)
Freiseisen, Kebetz, Medetz, Stelzmüller,
SCCH Austria:
Testing PLC programs with Modelica
paper in PDF-format  ( 212k)
ROSE Informatik, Germany:
Object-oriented Modeling In Model-Based Diagnosis
paper in PDF-format  ( 161k)
Saldamli, Fritzson,
Linköping University:
Object-oriented Modeling With Partial Differential Equations
paper in PDF-format  ( 323k)
Sandberg, Lisper,
Linköping University:
Dimensional Analysis for Modelica
paper in PDF-format  ( 267k)
Modelica Association:
Modelica Thermal Library
paper in PDF-format  ( 135k)
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