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Authors' guide

Preparation of full papers

Please use these templates for the creation of full papers. Templates are available for MS Word and LaTex.

Authors using Ubuntu 16.04 LTS might get papers missing the section numbers, due to a bug in the LaTeX distribution of the titlesec package. If that happens, please update the template, as the latest version provides a workaround.

Please make sure that your submission has been created according to the Modelica Formatting Guidelines. You may use these guidelines also if you do not want to use one of the templates. 

For the final submission, there will also be the possibility to submit Modelica example model files that correspond to your publication. These files will then be attached to your paper in the electronic proceedings.  

Submissions process

Papers should be submitted via the EasyChair conference management system:

There you can also read your reviews and hand in the final paper after the reviewing process has taken place. In order to submit a paper, you need to have an EasyChair account. Simply follow the provided instructions to create an account. The same account can be used for several conferences over several years, so if you have already participated in a Modelica conference you might already have a valid account.

Once you have logged in, you can upload your contribution in the section: "New submissions". Simply follow the instructions.

The paper submission form includes the option to mark suitable topics for your paper. Please use this feature since it helps us to find suitable reviewers for your paper. Furthermore, there is the option to attach a .zip file to your paper. In this way, you can provide example models that correspond to your paper.

Final Paper Submission

Additionally to your paper, you should also submit a copyright agreement that gives the Modelica Association the non-exclusive right to publish your paper. Fill out this form, add the signature of the main author, scan it and attach the corresponding pdf-file to your submission. Use the file name "copyrightLicense.pdf".

We appreciate if you upload a one-page abstract, too. Just use the same template as for the paper, but cut it down to a teaser for attendees.

The submissions presented as a poster are included in the proceedings, too.
You'll have to upload the final camera-ready version of your paper as well as the grant of copyright license as the orally presented submissions.


Regular presentations are scheduled at 20m + 5 mins for discussion / presenters exchange etc. As a rule of thumb, your presentation should have not more than 20 slides.

Vendor session is strictly 45 minutes at most. The tutorials could take up to 3.5h, including breaks (breaks are up to the presenter).

Technical equipment for presentations

For tutorials and vendor session the presenters are expected to have own notebooks.

For the rest of scientific programmewe provide sessions PCs. Please bring your presentation (ppt or pdf) on an USB-stick with you before your session starts.
The session PCs will have Windows 10, Microsoft Office 2016 (PowerPoint) and the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader installed.

If you are going to use your own notebook, it is your resposibility to check that the connection from your notebook to the beamer is possible in the break before your session.
Please be aware that preparing the connection to the beamer should not cause any delay. As a backup, please always have your presentation as pdf-file on an USB-stick.

All beamers provide:

  • HDMI and VGA connection
  • resolution 1200x800 WXGA
  • aspect ratio 4:3 and 16:9

Poster Session

Before poster session (Tuesday, 5:30pm, Forum of Building K), the poster presenters are asked to place their poster to the numbered stand during the lunch break.

You have to bring your poster with you, our printing capabilities are limited.

The pinboards are 1180 mm wide and 1460 mm high, therefore a DIN A0 (portrait) will fit.
Since the lower edge of the poster is rather near to the floor, many presenters prefer DIN A1.

We would apperciate if you include the conference logo in your poster.

In case you have any problems, please send an email to

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