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Japanese Modelica Conference 2018

2nd Japanese Modelica Conference will be held in Tokyo.

  • Conference
When May 17, 2018 09:00 AM to
May 18, 2018 06:00 PM
Where Tokyo Japan
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The Second Japanese Modelica Conference will be held in Tokyo, Japan on May 17-18, 2018. It is organized by ANSYS, Inc. in cooperation with Modelica Association.

The Modelica Conference is the main event for users, library developers, tool vendors and researchers to share their knowledge and learn about the latest scientific and industrial progress related to Modelica and to the Functional Mockup Interface (FMI).  The program will cover modeling of complex physical and cyber-physical systems, as well as tools, for a wide range of research and industrial applications. All contributions are peer-reviewed and selected by the Program Committee. 

The conference flyer is available in English.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Tokyo.


Mr. Sameer Kher and Dr. Yutaka Hirano

General Chairman (ANSYS, Inc.) and Program Chairman (Toyota Motor Corporation)


Conference Venue

The conference will take place at the Bellesalle Jimbocho, located in the central parts of Tokyo. 

Bellesalle Jimbocho
Sumitomo Fudosan Chiyoda First Building South
3-2-1 Nishi-Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Scope of the Conference

Modelica is a freely available, equation-based, object-oriented language for convenient and efficient modeling of complex, multi-domain cyber-physical systems described by ordinary differential, difference and algebraic equations. The companion Modelica Standard Library has been utilized in demanding industrial applications, including full vehicle dynamics, power systems, robotics, hardware-in-the-loop simulations and embedded control systems.

The Functional Mockup Interface (FMI) is a freely available standard for the tool-independent exchange of models and for co-simulation. It is supported by many Modelica and non-Modelica tools and is the key to utilize Modelica models in non-Modelica environments.

The Modelica conference will bring together people using Modelica and/or FMI for modeling, simulation, and control applications, Modelica language designers, Modelica and/or FMI tool vendors and Modelica library developers. It provides Modelica users the opportunity to stay informed about the latest language, library, and tool developments, and to get in touch with people working on similar modeling problems. Expected topics include but are not limited to:

  • Multi-engineering modeling and simulation with free and commercial Modelica libraries (mechanics, electrical, hydraulics, thermal fluid, media, chemical, building, automotive, aircraft, etc.) 
  • Automotive applications
  • Thermodynamic and energy systems applications
  • Mechatronics and robotics applications
  • Medicine and biology applications
  • Other industrial applications, such as electric drives, power systems, aerospace, etc.
  • Large-scale system modelling
  • Real-time and hardware-in-the-loop simulation
  • Simulation and code generation for embedded control systems
  •  Simulation acceleration by use of many CPU cores or GPU cores
  • Applications of Modelica for optimization and optimal control
  • Modelica modeling, simulation and design tools
  • Symbolic algorithms and numerical methods for model transformation and simulation
  • Discrete modeling techniques − FEM, CFD, DEM (Discrete Element Method), etc.
  • New features of the Modelica language and of FMI
  • Experimental language designs and implementations related to Modelica
  • Modelica in other application areas (mathematical programming, databases, etc.)
  • Modelica for teaching and education
  • FMI in Modelica and non-Modelica applications and tools


In addition, the conference will include a Modelica vendor exhibition.


Call for Papers

Papers can be submitted for full papers or for Industrial papers. Please see the Call-for-Papers page for further information about the submission and/or application process and the submission templates. All submitted papers will be peer-reviewed by the conference Program Commitee (3 reviews per paper).

The conference proceedings will be published electronically. After the conference, the proceedings will be available online. Authors keep the copyright for their papers and just provide non-exclusive publication rights to the Modelica Association.


Exhibition and Sponsorship

The conference is supported by the following sponsors:

Altair Engineering   Dassault Systemes K.K.   Cybernet Systems Co.,Ltd.    Modelon K.K.  Neorium Technology ANSYS, Inc.

NewtonWorks Corporation   CLAYTEX SERVICES LTD   Siemens K.K.isid

To support the conference, and to get an opportunity to expose their Modelica- and/or FMI-related products and services, vendors will have the opportunity to sponsor the event and to participate in the exhibition. For more information and application, please contact Decision about the acceptance of sponsors and exhibitors will be based upon Modelica/FMI relevance of products and/or services and on the time of application submission.




Registration is available through Eventbrite.
Registration fee is as below (per one person, including conference dinner).

  • Early Registration (Before April 1st): 34,560 YEN (incl. tax)
  • Normal Registration (After April 2nd): 43,200 YEN (incl. tax)
  • Dinner ticket: 10,800 YEN (incl. tax)

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Important Dates



Preliminary Outline of Conference Program

Thursday, May 17:

10:00-10:15         Opening
10:15-11:15         Keynote 1 (Dr. Hilding Elmqvist)
11:15-12:15         Keynote 2 (Dr. Koichi Otomi)
12:15-13:15         Lunch and Exhibition
13:15-14:30         Session 1a: Automotive Applications 1
                           Session 1b: Thermal System Applications 1
14:30-14:55         Break and Exhibition
14:55-16:10         Session 2a: Automotive Applications 2
                           Session 2b: Thermal System Applications 2
16:10-16:35         Break and Exhibition
16:30-17:50         Session 3a: Automotive Applications 3
                           Session 3b: Thermal System Applications 3
17:50-18:00         Break (Move to the dinner place)
18:00-20:00         Conference Dinner

Friday, May 18:
10:00-10:05         Opening
10:05-11:05         Keynote 3 (Mr. Torsten Blochwitz)
11:05-11:55         Session 4a: HILS, Real Time Simulation
                           Session 4b: Electronic Systems Application
11:55-13:35         Lunch and Exhibition
13:35-14:50         Session 5a: Model Based Development
                           Session 5b: Mechanical Systems Application 1
14:50-15:15         Break and Exhibition
15:15-16:30         Session 6a: FMI, Simulation Technologies 1
                            Session 6b: Mechanical Systems Application 2, Control
16:30-16:55         Break and Exhibition
16:55-17:35         Session 7a: FMI, Simulation Technologies 2
                           Session 7b: Vendor Session
17:35-17:45         Break
17:45-18:00         Closing.


Scientific Program

Thursday, May 17:

10:15-11:15      Keynote 1
Hilding Elmqvist (Mogram AB)

11:15-12:15      Keynote 2 
Koichi Otomi (Meiji University)

13:15-14:30      Session 1a: Automotive Applications 1
Title:Riding Comfort Simulation with air ride seat for heavy duty vehicle
Author:Hyung Yun Choi, Whe-Ro Lee, Jong-Chan Park and Kee-Young Yang

Title:Assessment of Ride Quality at Lane Change Maneuver Using Virtual Human Driver Model
Author:Manyong Han, Hyung Yun Choi, Akinari Hirao and Stefan Kirschbichler

 Title:Combustion Engine Mechanism Analyses Using SimulationX
Author:Tomohide Hirono and Takanori Watanabe


13:15-14:30      Session 1b: Thermal System Applications 1
Title:The CryoLib - Modelling Superconductors with Modelica
Author:Alexander Pollok and Dirk Zimmer

Title:Robust Modeling of Directed Thermofluid Flows in Complex Networks
Author:Dirk Zimmer, Daniel Bender and Alexander Pollok

Title:Thermal Management Applications in Simplorer
Author:Anand Pitchaikani, Katrin Prölss, Mathias Strandberg, Hubertus Tummescheit and Sameer Kher


14:55-16:10      Session 2a: Automotive Applications 2
Title:Development of a Flex-PLI System Model and Investigations of Injury
Author:Yong-Ha Han, In-Hyeok Lee and Whe-Ro Lee

Title:Vehicle Systems Modelling and Analysis (VeSyMA) Platform 
Author: Hammond-Scott

Title:Dual-Clutch Transmission Model Reduction Function
Author:Romain Gillot, Alessandro Picarelli and Mike Dempsey


14:55-16:10      Session 2b: Thermal System Applications 2
Title:FluidDynamics Library for Coarse-Grid CFD-Simulation in Modelica
Author:Stefan Wischhusen, Timo Tumforde and Hans-Hermann Wurr

Title:Modeling and Coordinated Control of an Air-Source Heat Pump and Hydronic Radiant Heating System
Author:Christopher Laughman, Scott Bortoff and Hongtao Qiao

Title:Semiconductor Package Thermal Impedance Extraction for Modelica Thermal Network Simulation Combined with VHDL-AMS model
Author:R Eiji Nakamoto, Kentaro Maeda and Takayuki Sekisue


16:30-17:50      Session 3a: Automotive Applications 3
Title:Modeling of Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle in Modelica: Architecture and Drive Cycle Simulation
Author:Sara Sigfridsson, Lixiang Li, Håkan Runvik, Jesse Gohl, Antonin Joly and Kristian Soltesz

Title:Modelling & Analysis of a Fuel Cell Hybrid Electric Vehicle using Real-World & Standard Driving Conditions
Author:Raees Basheer Kunthirikkal Parambu, Mike Dempsey and Alessandro Picarelli

Title:Hyundai framework for vehicle dynamics engineering based on Modelica and FMI
Author:Kwang Chan Ko, Erik Durling, Jong Chan Park, Wonyul Kang and Johan Andreasson


16:30-17:50      Session 3b: Thermal System Applications 3
Title:Modelling of Oil Film Bearings
Author:Tatsuro Ishibashi and Tadao Kawai

Title:Vapor Recovery Unit System Simulation using FMI for Human Machine Interface and Control
Author:Ryan Magargle and Hemanth Kolera-Gokula

Title:A New Library For Modeling and Simulation of Pneumatic Systems
Author:Maximilian Kormann and Clement Coic



Friday, May 18:

09:30-10:30      Keynote 3
Author:Torsten Blochwitz


11:05-11:55      Session 4a: HILS, Real Time Simulation
Title:The DLR EtherCAT Library - A template based code-generation scheme for accessing real-time hardware from Modelica
Author:Tobias Bellmann and Fabian Buse

Title:Modelling and Development of a Pseudo-Hydraulic Power Steering Model for use in Real-Time Applications
Author:Theodor Ensbury, Mike Dempsey and Peter Harman


11:05-11:30      Session 4b: Electronic Systems Application
Title:Modelling silicon carbide based power electronics in electric vehicles as a study of the implementation of the semiconductor devices using Dymola
Author:Leonard Janczyk, Yoshihisa Nishigori and Yasuo Kanehira


13:35-14:50      Session 5a: Model Based Development
Author:Lionel Belmon and Liu Fei

Title:The Fault library - A new Modelica library allows for the systematic simulation of non-nominal system behavior
Author:Julia Gundermann, Artem Kolesnikov, Morgan Cameron and Torsten Blochwitz

Title:Application for Optimization of Control Parameters for Multi-body and Hydraulics System by using FMU
Author:Nobumasa Ishida and Hideyuki Muramatsu


13:35-14:50      Session 5b: Mechanical Systems Application 1
Title:Analysis of Lift-Generating Disk Type Blade Wind Power System Using Modelica
Author:Yeungmin Yoo, Soyoung Lee, Jaehyun Yoon and Jongsoo Lee

Title:Modelling of Asymmetric Rotor and Cracked Shaft
Author:Tatsuro Ishibashi, Atsushi Yoshida and Tadao Kawai

Title:Composable Modelling for a Hybrid Gearbox
Author:Joshua Sutherland and Rui Gao


15:15-16:30      Session 6a: FMI, Simulation Technologies 1
Title:Toward the actual model exchange using FMI in practical use cases in Japanese automotive industry
Author:Yutaka Hirano, Junichi Ichihara, Haruki Saito, Yosuke Ogata, Takayuki Sekisue and Satoshi Koike

Title:Simulation of high-index DAEs and ODEs with constraints in FMI
Author:Masoud Najafi

Title:Managing Heterogeneous Simulations Using Architecture-Driven Design
Author:Bruno Loyer, Nico Vansina and Yosuke Ogata


15:15-16:30      Session 6b: Mechanical Systems Application 2, Control
Title:Universal Controllers for Architecture Simulation
Author:Alexander Pollok

Title:Mission-Dependent Sequential Simulation for Modeling and Trajectory Visualization of Launch Vehicles
Author:Lale Evrim Briese

Title:Model predictive allocation control for leg-wheel mobile robot on loose soil considering wheel dynamics
Author:Takatsugu Oda, Hiroki Yoshikawa, Naoki Shibata, Kenichiro Nonaka and Kazuma Sekiguchi


16:55-17:35      Session 7a: FMI, Simulation Technologies 2
Title:Generating FMUs for the Feature-Based Language Bloqqi
Author:Niklas Fors, Joel Petersson and Maria Henningsson

Title:Web App for Modeling and Simulation
Author:Hilding Elmqvist, Martin Malmheden and Johan Andreasson


16:55-17:35      Session 7b: Vendor Session
Title:Multibody simulation and control of kinematic systems with FMI/FMU
Author:Francois Chapuis, Leon Voss, Sameer Kher and Stephane Garreau

Title:Deployment process for Modelica-based models
Author:Takashi Iwagaya, Chad Schmitke and Tetsu Yamaguchi


Support from Academic Societies

This conference is supported by following academic societies in Japan.

Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan (JSAE)  The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers (JSME) 
 The Society of Instrument and Control Engineers (SICE) 

The Open CAE Society of Japan (OpenCAE)    
Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan (JSAE)
The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers (JSME)
The Society of Instrument and Control Engineers (SICE)
The Open CAE Society of Japan (OpenCAE)

For general questions, please send an email to:           
The program might be modified

To review the privacy policy ( Japanese English ) please.



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