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Japanese Modelica Conference 2016

Following 11 International Modelica Conferences over the last 15 years, the first Japanese Modelica Conference will be held in Tokyo.

  • Conference
When May 23, 2016 01:00 PM to
May 24, 2016 09:00 PM
Where Tokyo Japan
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The conference proceedings are now available for download here.


The First Japanese Modelica Conference will be held at the Embassy of Sweden, Tokyo, Japan on May 23-24, 2016. It is organized by Modelon in cooperation with Modelica Association.

The Modelica Conference is the main event for users, library developers, tool vendors and researchers to share their knowledge and learn about the latest scientific and industrial progress related to Modelica and to the Functional Mockup Interface (FMI). Following 11 International Modelica Conference over the last 15 years, the first Japanese Modelica Conference will be held in Tokyo. The program will cover modeling of complex physical and cyber-physical systems, as well as tools, for a wide range of research and industrial applications. All contributions are peer-reviewed and selected by the Program Committee. 

The conference will be supported by direct translation between Japanese and English so oral presentations can be given in and listened to in either language. The conference flyer is available in English and Japanese.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Tokyo.



Dr. Johan Andreasson and Dr. Yutaka Hirano

General Chairman (Modelon) and Program Chairman (Toyota Motor Corporation)


Conference Venue

The conference will take place at the Embassy of Sweden, located in the central parts of Tokyo.
Venue Address
Nobel Auditorium
Embassy of Sweden
Address: 1-10-3-100 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 106-0032, Japan


Scope of the Conference

Modelica is a freely available, equation-based, object-oriented language for convenient and efficient modeling of complex, multi-domain cyber-physical systems described by ordinary differential, difference and algebraic equations. The companion Modelica Standard Library has been utilized in demanding industrial applications, including full vehicle dynamics, power systems, robotics, hardware-in-the-loop simulations and embedded control systems.

The Functional Mockup Interface (FMI) is a freely available standard for the tool-independent exchange of models and for co-simulation. It is supported by many Modelica and non-Modelica tools and is the key to utilize Modelica models in non-Modelica environments.

The Modelica conference will bring together people using Modelica and/or FMI for modeling, simulation, and control applications, Modelica language designers, Modelica and/or FMI tool vendors and Modelica library developers. It provides Modelica users the opportunity to stay informed about the latest language, library, and tool developments, and to get in touch with people working on similar modeling problems. Expected topics include but are not limited to:

  • Multi-engineering modeling using existing and new Modelica libraries
  • Industry applications of Modelica and FMI
  • Offline, real-time, multi-core and Hardware-in-the-loop simulations and code generation
  • Applications of Modelica beyond dynamic simulation, e.g. for optimization, optimal control and steady-state 
  • Modelica modeling, simulation and design tools
  • Symbolic algorithms and numerical methods for model transformation and simulation
  • New features of the Modelica language and FMI
  • Modelica in other application areas (mathematical programming, databases etc.)
  • Modelica for teaching and education 
  • FMI in Modelica and non-Modelica applications and tools

In addition, the conference will include a Modelica tutorial and a vendor exhibition.


Call for Papers

Please see the Call-for-Papers page for further information about the submission and/or application process and the submission templates. All submitted papers will be peer-reviewed by the conference Program Commitee (3 reviews per paper).

The conference proceedings will be published electronically. After the conference, the proceedings will be available online. Authors keep the copyright for their papers and just provide non-exclusive publication rights to the Modelica Association.


Exhibition and Sponsorship

The conference is supported by the following sponsors:


Sponsor Logos


An exhibition will be organized in conjunction with the conference where sponsors will show their Modelica and FMI related tools, services and solutions. 




Online registration is now open here. Until April 1, the ticket price is JPY27675 and after April 1 the price is JPY35424, including tax. 


Important Dates



Preliminary Outline of Conference Program

Due to the large number of accepted papers, the program has been updated to accommodate paper presentations both days. 

Monday, May 23:
12:00              Registration and exhibition opens
13:00 - 13:15 Opening ceremony
13:15 - 18:00 Scientific Program
18:00              Conference dinner 
Tuesday, May 24:
09:00              Registration and exhibition opens
09:30 - 18:00 Scientific Program
18:00              Closing ceremony

Key notes

There will be two key notes giving industry perspective on applications of Modelica for research and development.

Scientific Program

The following papers have been accepted for publication:


Session 1: Automotive Applications

Title: Dynamics Modeling of the Arc Spring for Powertrain NVH Prediction
Author: Yoshihiro Yamakaji (Exedy)

Title: Research of Model Matching Control of Torque Vectoring Differential Gear System
Author: Yutaka Hirano (Toyota)

Title: Simulation of Complete Systems at ZF using Modelica Standards
Authors: Jochen Köhler, Julian King, Michael Kübler (ZF)

Session 2: Model Based Development

Title: Virtual Test Rig for Kinematics and Compliance of Vehicle Suspensions
Authors: Peter Sundström, Maria Henningsson, Johan Andreasson (Modelon), Xabier Carrera Akutain, Alejandro Ocariz (Toyota Europe), Hiroo Iida, Naoki Aikawa, Yutaka Hirano (Toyota)

Title: Modelica-Association-Project “System Structure and Parameterization” – Early Insights
Authors: Jochen Köhler (ZF), Hans-Martin Heinkel (Robert Bosch), Pierre Mai (PMSF IT Consulting), Jürgen Krasser (AVL), Markus Deppe (dSPACE), Mikio Nagasawa (Cybernet)

Title: ADAS Virtual Prototyping using Modelica and Unity Co-simulation via OpenMETA
Authors: Masahiro Yamaura, Nikos Arechiga, Shinichi Shiraishi (Toyota IT Center), Scott Eisele, Joseph Hite, Jason Scott, Sandeep Neema, Theodore Bapty (Vanderbilt University)

Session 3: Mechanical Applications

Title: Active Elbow Joint Model
Authors: Hyung Yun Choi, Manyong Han, Wiro Lee (Hongik University)

Title: Modeling and simulation for leg-wheel mobile robots using Modelica
Authors: Hiroki Yoshikawa, Takatsugu Oda, Kenichiro Nonaka, Kazuma Sekiguchi (Tokyo City University)

Title: System-Level Design Trade Studies by Multi Objective Decision Analysis (MODA) utilizing Modelica
Authors: Joshua Sutherland, Kazuya Oizumi, Kazuhiro Aoyama (University of Tokyo), Naoki Takahashi (Dassault Systems), Takao Eguchi (Shinko Research) 

Session 4: Real Time Simulation, HILS

Title: FMI for Co-Simulation of Embedded Control Software
Authors: Nicolai Pedersen, Tom Bojsen, Jan Madsen (Technical University Denmark), Morten Vejlgaard-Laursen (Man)

Title: Deployment of high-fidelity vehicle models for accurate real-time simulation
Authors: Johan Andreasson, John Griffin, Peter Sundström (Modelon), Naoya Machida, Masashi Tsushima (Nissan)

Title: Validation of a Battery Management System based on AUTOSAR via FMI on a HiL platform
Authors: Leonard Janczyk, Klemens Esterle, Stephan Diehl, Michael Seibt, Arthur Gauthier (Dassault Systèmes)

Session 5: Simulation Technologies

Title: Chattering-Free Simulation of Hybrid Dynamical Systems with the Function Mock-Up Interface 2.0
Authors: Ayman Aljarbouh, Benoit Caillaud (INRIA)

Title: Acceleration of FMU Co-Simulation On Multi-core Architectures
Authors: Salah Eddine Saidi, Nicolas Pernet, Abir Ben Khaled (IFP Energy), Yves Sorel (INRIA)

Title: Rankine Cycles, Modeling and Control
Authors: Ylva Teleman (Lund University), Pieter Dermont (Modelon), Hak Jun Kim, Kil Sang Jang (Hanon Systems)

Session 6: Thermal System Applications

Title: Thermal Deformation Analysis Using Modelica
Authors: Eunkyeong Kim, Tatsurou Yashiki, Yukinori Katagiri, Takuya Yoshida (Hitachi), Fumiyuki Suzuki (Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems)

Title: Validated Modelica Building Package for Energy Performance Simulation with Educational Purposes
Authors: Shan Hua, Fabian Reuß, Manuel Lindauer (Technical University Munich)

Title: Advances of Zero Flow Simulation of Air Conditioning Systems using Modelica
Authors: Pieter Dermont, Johan Windahl, Katrin Prölss (Modelon), Dirk Limperich (Daimler AG), Carsten Kübler (TWT GmbH) 


Organization and Contact


The Conference is organized by Modelon in cooperation with the Modelica Association.

Modelica Association logo                       Modelon logo


For general questions, please send an email to:              

Conference Board: 

  • Dr. Yutaka Hirano, Toyota Motor Corporation, Japan
  • Dr. Hilding Elmqvist, Mogram, Lund, Sweden
  • Prof. Peter Fritzson, Linköping University, Sweden
  • Prof. Martin Otter, DLR, Germany
  • Dr. Michael Tiller, Xogeny, Michigan, USA



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