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Call for Papers

Call for Papers, libraries, tutorials/workshops, vendor presentations and exhibitors for the 11th International Modelica Conference 2015 in Versailles, France


Call for Papers

You are encouraged to submit a full paper of at least 4 pages with a maximum of 10 pages. The full paper in PDF format should be submitted to the Conference Management System. Please see Author's Guide for further information. The final paper has to be submitted together with a one-page abstract.

Papers should be submitted via the EasyChair conference management system:

There you can also read your reviews and hand in the final paper after the reviewing process has taken place. In order to submit a paper, you need to have an EasyChair account. Simply follow the provided instructions to create an account. The same account can be used for several conferences over several years, so if you have already participated in a Modelica conference you might already have an account. Once you have logged in, you can upload your contribution in the section: "New submissions". Simply follow the instructions.

 The paper submission form includes the option to mark suitable topics for your paper. Please use this feature since it helps us to find suitable reviewers for your paper. Furthermore, there is the option to attach a .zip file to your paper. In this way, you can provide example models that correspond to your paper.

The Modelica'2015 proceedings will be published after the conference at Linköping University Press in the open access series Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings. Authors (as well as editors and reviewers) are required to fulfill the Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement of this series.

May 20, 2015
Submission of full papers
June 10, 2015
Notification of acceptance
August 1, 2015 Submission of final papers and libraries

Special Journal Issue (after the conference)

The 10% of the reviewed papers with the highest score are invited to be submitted in an improved and extended form for a special issue of a journal. The special issue will be published in an open access journal which is listed in Web of Science (previous name: ISI Web of Knowledge) at the latest 6 months after the conference. Currently, negotiations with publishers is taking place. This section will be updated once more details are available.

Sept. 1, 2015
Notification of authors that paper was selected for the special issue.
Nov. 1, 2015
Submission of improved and extended paper for the journal
March 2016 Publication of special issue.

Call for Libraries

You are encouraged to submit a free Modelica application library in Modelica source code form. The library should be sent to the program chairs ( and provided under the Modelica License 2. Please submit also a corresponding paper to the conference. If the paper gets accepted, you can present your library at the conference and you can compete for the library award.

The best and the second best application libraries will be awarded with awards of EUR 500 and EUR 250 respectively. With the exception of members from organizations that decide on the library award, everyone can apply for this award.

Libraries are evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • How useful is the library for the Modelica community, especially for industrial applications?
  • Basic design principle of the library (e.g. physical components are modeled in a declarative way and there are no un-physical restrictions how components can be connected together).
  • Completeness and extent of the library (small or large library, examples).
  • Usage of the library (component documentation, users guide, parameter menus, etc.)

Accepted libraries will be included on the conference stick and linked from the Modelica web site.

May 20, 2015
Submission of full libraries
June 10, 2015
Notification of acceptance
August 1, 2015
Submission of final libraries
September 23, 2015 Library award ceremony

Call for Vendor Presentations

On Monday, late afternoon is devoted to vendor presentations. 6 slots of 45 minutes per slot are available. Vendors can demonstrate their tools and provide information about new features. Since only a limited number of vendor presentations can be held, please contact us as soon as possible at, providing title, presenter(s), and an abstract of the vendor presentation, if possible with images (this information will be provided in the conference program and on the conference web page). Please fill out also this application form. Decision about the acceptance of vendor presentations will be based upon Modelica/FMI relation of content and on the time of application.

All the slots for Vendor presentations are now filled.


Call for Exhibitors

During Monday evening, Tuesday and Wednesday of the conference, developers and vendors have the opportunity to present their Modelica- and/or FMI-related products and services, like:

  • Modeling simulation and design tools
  • Modelica libraries
  • Consulting and engineering services with Modelica and/or FMI.

More information can be found here. Decision about the acceptance of exhibitors will be based upon Modelica/FMI relevance of products and/or services and on the time of application submission.

All the slots for Exhibitors are now filled. 

Call for Tutorials/Workshops

At the Modelica conference, several tutorials and workshops will take place in parallel. Each tutorial/workshop will last for up to 3 hours and usually includes a "hands-on-experience" session with a Modelica simulation tool (participants are expected to bring their own laptop; the presenter will provide the Modelica and/or FMI simulation tool). Tutorials/Wokshops are free for the participants. Since only a limited number of tutorials/workshops can be held in parallel, please contact us as soon as possible at, providing title, presenter(s), and an abstract of the tutorial (this information will be provided in the conference program and on the conference web page).

Decision about the acceptance of tutorials/workshops will be based upon Modelica/FMI relevance of the content and on the time of application. Please note that the tutorials/workshops on Monday are not intended to be product presentations. Such presentations are referred to the vendor session on Monday afternoon. The tutorial/workshop session serves a different purpose which is to especially to demonstrate and educate how to solve problems with Modelica and FMI. Of course this may involve the application of a certain tool but the modeling work or problem analysis shall be the focus point of the tutorial/workshop.

May 20, 2015 Tutorial/Workshop application
June 10, 2015 Tutorial/Workshop notification of acceptance
September 21, 2015
Conference tutorials and workshops

Call for Sponsors

Several opportunities are available for companies for sponsoring of the Modelica Conference. There are many benefits in addition to increased visibility. All such details are described in Sponsor opportunities Modelica Conference_2015. Application for sponsorship is made using the form Sponsor Application_2015.   


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