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Modelica Conference 2006 at arsenal research in Vienna, Austria

Guidelines for Oral Presentations at Modelica2006:

The authors are requested to prepare a Power Point presentation. Please be aware that the computer equipment only supports standard Windows fonts, and that video clips often cause trouble in a presentation. The presentation has to be transferred to a notebook computer which will be available in each of the session rooms. Do not bring your own computer. No slide projector or other presentation equipment will be available.

The presenting authors are expected to upload their Power Point presentations at latest one week before the conference (August 28th, 2006). Authors will receive a mail with further instructions in time.
For backup reasons we recommend bringing your presentation on a CD-Rom or a memory stick. Floppy disk and ZIP drives are not supported. However, your presentation will be erased from the session computer right after the session, so we do not keep your presentation.

You are also requested to submit a short biography for introduction by the session chair.

The oral presentations are scheduled to last not longer than 20 minutes. There is an additional 5 minutes for discussion. The session chairs are requested to maintain the session schedule, so that a total duration of 25 minutes is not exceeded.

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Guidelines for Poster Presentations at Modelica2006:

The poster displays will support up to a 96 cm wide by 124 cm tall poster, slightly larger than A0 (84.1 x 118.9 cm). Therefore you may use up to 16 A4 (29.7 x 21.0 cm) pages.
The poster session will be organized into topic areas and so it will be important that you mount your poster on the proper poster display, timely before the poster session starts. Please refer to the Program. To facilitate this process each poster display will have a label indicating the paper that should be posted on that display. Material for mounting the poster(s) will be available.

Posters are a nearly ideal method for communicating scientific and technical ideas. Posters promote personal contact and individual exchange of ideas. Such individual contact is not so easy during an oral presentation, but it comes naturally in a good poster session.
The most successfull posters:

  • attract attention
  • provide a brief overview of the work
  • initiate discussion

The title of your paper and the author names should be printed in large characters at the top of the poster presentation. The remaining text in the poster presentation should be easily visible from a distance of about one meter. Please do not use less than a 16pt font for any text you mount.
At last: Please do not be absent during the poster session!

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