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Call for Participation

Organized by the Modelica Association and the Ford Research Laboratory.


The purpose of this 1-day workshop is to discuss modeling and simulation of automotive systems with Modelica. While the Modelica Conference is a good venue for presenting the latest work involving Modelica, there is often little time for in-depth discussion. Such discussions are valuable because they allow a greater understanding to be developed about specific projects, provide an opportunity for independent developers to coordinate their activities and lead to ideas for improving the Modelica language. The goal of this workshop is to address these issues as they relate to automotive modeling and simulation.

Several groups are either planning or in the process of developing automotive component libraries. Therefore, a useful outcome of such discussions would be to facilitate the development of free automotive Modelica libraries.


The workshop will be broken into sessions on specific topics. Each session will have a chairman to moderate discussions. There will be one invited presentation for each session and the remainder of the session will be open for discussions and very short presentations. The sessions will cover:
  • Transmission Modeling
  • Chassis Modeling
  • Engine Modeling
  • Open Session (for misc. other topics)
There will also be a special afternoon discussion session on future automotive libaries. The detailed agenda can be found here (This is VERSION 2).


Ford Motor Company will host the workshop. The workshop will be held at the Scientific Research Laboratory in Dearborn, MI, U.S.A. (near Detroit). More details on getting to the Scientific Research Laboratory can be found below.


The workshop will immediately precede the Modelica Design Meeting (also to be hosted by Ford). The workshop will take place on Tuesday November 19th (with the Modelica Design Meeting taking place November 20th-22nd).


There will be no charge for attending the workshop.

Action Required:

Please confirm your interest in attending by contacting Michael Tiller before October 11th (late RSVP's may be accepted if space is available). If possible, include some information about your level of experience with Modelica, applications involving Modelica (past, present and future) and any suggestions for additional session topics.

Attendees who are already working on free Modelica automotive libraries are asked to send their (probably incomplete and unfinished) libraries to Michael Tiller before Nov. 8. These libraries will be collected and sent out to the registered workshop participants no later than Nov. 12 in order that the participants can prepare discussions on the libraries.

Travel Information

Scientific Research Laboratory

The workshop will be held at the Scientific Research Laboratory (building "C" on this map) which is part of the Research and Engineering Center in Dearborn, Michigan. The morning session will be in room 1139 (a lecture room) and the afternoon session will be in room 1127. Visitors should enter through the main entrance (facing Village Road).

Note: Due to construction, Village road will be closed between the Scientific Research Laboratory (building "C") and Military Road. Therefore, it is best to enter the Research and Engineering Center at the intersection of Village Road and Rotunda. I would advise visitors to print this map and bring it with them.

Here is a map of Dearborn showing the location of the Research and Engineering Center:


Note that because the workshop is relatively small, there is no "official" hotel and therefore no discount rate. Hopefully everyone can find a hotel that satisfies their needs. Here are three hotels to consider and a link to some additional information:

The following links provide additional information about hotels in the Souteast Michigan area:

Car Rentals

The most convenient place to rent a car would be the Detroit Metropolitan Airport. Information on car rental can be found on the web site under Ground Transportation. For additional information, please contact Michael Tiller.

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