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Additional material for the paper 

Ivan I. Kossenko and Maia S. Stavrovskaia  
Moscow State University of the Service, Russia
How One Can Simulate Dynamics of Rolling Bodies via Dymola: Approach to Model Multibody System Dynamics Using Modelica


1. - new version of the package to be presented
    1.1 SI units implemented;
    1.2 Case of Kane and Levinson classes and testbench model;
    1.3 Case of Borisov and Mamaev testbench model.

2. "How One Can Simulate Dynamics of Rolling Bodies with Dymola.ppt" - Power
Point presentation for our short lecture.

3. "" - WinZIP archive containing folders for on-line
presentation using Dymola in different cases corresponding to exercises with
the models. Also contains VRML-file Rattleback.wrl .

4. cosmo_win95nt_eng.exe - to install CosmoPlayer plug-in for Web-browser.

Please read the license agreement.
Modelica Association distributes Cosmo Player in accordance with the terms of this Agreement
Downloaded as freeware from Cosmo Software website . Attached for you to be easy to install
VRML-player without any additional difficulties.

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